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DIY Spring Flower Tutorial





Something I noticed since we filmed our very first flower tutorial for YouTube was just how much I say ‘so’

Its funny how been put in-front of a camera and having to sit there and edit it makes you pick up on all those little quirks. Anyway, that’s very much by the by … we’ve been wanting to do some online flower tutorials for a while, and this is our very first proper attempt. we are learning as we go along, so please bare with bare with!

In our first DIY flower tutorial we’re teaching you how to create a spring garden design for your table. I cannot tell you how amazing this looked (and smelt) when it was finished. There was a plethora of spring flowers – lilac, english narcissi, anemones, moss and some rather beautiful seasonal foliage.

In total this project took around 30 minutes, so its more than achievable to re-create at home and can be made a few days in advance of your gathering, so really there is no excuse not to have a go.

Despite the tweaks that we need to make to our filming (I know the lighting is more than rubbish) we really hope to inspire you to create your very own spring garden at home. If you attempt this DIY please show us your wares on our Facebook or Instagram accounts by tagging Green Parlour

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A Confession – I Dislike Pinterest!

Pinterest bridal bouquet

Wow, already I feel better just writing the title of this post. Perhaps saying I dislike the whole of Pinterest is a little steep, there are some really great things about it, but equally there are some things I really hate. I figure the great things plus the hating overall balance out to a dislike.


Been in the wedding business, I should probably be raving about this crazy online pin board system. Its like a whole load of inspiration without having to buy a load of wedding magazines which publish the same stuff month after month. You’ve always got this fresh stream of updates and on demand inspiration at your finger tips. This is the great part about Pinterest – you search for something and sure enough there will be an image capturing what your brain is thinking about. I think its a great starting point tool of wedding planning – but when I say starting point tool that’s exactly what I mean!

Combining Pinterest and floristry has its ups and downs. After a rather negative start in the title, let me redeem myself slightly by sharing some of the ups! The main thing I think Pinterest is great for with floristry is allowing us flowery folk to  share a whole load of images of specific flowers we are trying in vain to describe in writing (incidentally have you ever tried to explain in writing the true beauty of a flower and the blend of colours in a bridal bouquet … you do need pictures and a face to face consultation!)

Flowers are so visual, looking at pictures and getting to know our gorgeous couples brief is exactly what I love to do. Looking at loads of images in our consultations, finding out exactly what they want from their wedding and how we can make it different! Pre Pinterest we’d sit down, cut up loads of images, get colour charts, sit down and create a touchy feely mood board. I know your thinking … yeah but we can do this with Pinterest now at the touch of a button. And your right, you can buuuut … and this feels quite scary saying this, and I definitely don’t want to offend any of our Pinterest obsessed brides buuuut … there is a tendency with Pinterest that you get quite similar looking weddings. The “I want that exact bouquet whether its in season or not” approach, rather than the more hands on “what can this florist create for me that’s completely bespoke” approach.


Before Pinterest, I can honestly say we never made a similar looking wedding. Each one was totally unique, from the first consultation it was a creative journey for me and the couple I was working with. Pinterest has taken a part of this process away. There is a very definite Pinterest wedding look, We often see the same pins on multiple boards, and I don’t know, I just feel its making some wedding floristry less exciting both for the florist and the couple.

Everyone says they want something unique, that reflects there big day – we want to create this too! But having an image you’ve fallen in love with (that’s often designed for a 5 minute photo shoot and not always arranged to a high standard) and all a couple want to do is exactly recreate said bouquet takes that uniqueness away.

bridal bouquets wedding flowers Reading

Some of my favourite bridal bouquets we’ve lovingly made are when we’ve had the creative freedom to combine the flowers that work together. I call it carte blanche arranging – the bride talks to us about all the different decor, we get a feel for the vibe, we talk about flowers and we often look at some images whilst I babble on about particular favourites which I think we should include because they will just look super stunning. The bride trusts us to arrange something gorgeous, and when we go to collect the flowers and see something utterly beautiful at market – we don’t hesitate to buy the latest flower to steal our hearts because it will enhance the bouquet and we think “gosh that’s so Anna … shes going to love that” not “oh gosh that would look stunning, but its not in the image we’ve been asked to recreate”

We live, breathe, eat and sleep flowers – we know what works and what doesn’t, and with a little guidance on colour schemes from our couples we can create the most stunning wedding flowers for you. Having that freedom to create is magical, the most amazing things happen when you let a creative do what they adore and I can whole-heartely say you will love the results. Having your heart set on that bouquet in the image, when no 2 bouquets ever look the same, makes us worry, we’re constantly assessing the bouquet, looking back at the image, back to the bouquet.

“is it like the image? Oh goodness, its not perfectly like the image.  Argh! that would look amazing, but I’m not sure because its not in the original picture”

Its hard because all we want to do is make the bride beam the biggest of smiles on her wedding day, but sometimes those added extras when your making the bouquet just lift it, they make you smile, make you think, enhance a tone or texture. Sometimes a touch of the unexpected or unplanned can be marvellous and subtle. They don’t have to smack you round the chops but they should make whatever is there SHINE!

Pinterest is a great guidance tool, but please use it as that. Let us use every inch of our floral obsession creating bespoke wedding  flowers – with a touch of Pinterest guidance.

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Top 5 Country Bridal Bouquets for Your Barn Wedding

Country weddings are big business at the moment, the current trend for big beautiful barns, yards of bunting and blousy blooms is right up our street!

If your after an English country wedding, our top 5 country bridal bouquets will be the perfect compliment to your relaxed wedding day.

Read on for some jaw dropping gorgeous floral inspiration …

Looking Peachy!

You can’t get much more country than the blousy David Austin roses. The Juliette rose is an absolute favourite of mine, I can’t help but think ‘huge peach marshmallow’ every time I see them. Combine this gorgeous specimen with some of my favourite country flowers including sweet peas, veronica, scabiosa and berried eucalytpus. Wrap the bouquet with hessian to complete the look and you’re ready for your big barn entrance with this beauty!

Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

Getting married between May and June? In that case peonies just HAVE to be on your country wedding flower list. One might say that they are the ultimate country wedding flower with tones from soft pinks, the most amazing coral, blush and white. Going bold? Combine the peony with marigolds, sweet william, clematis, veronica and babies breath. Tie up this beauty with multi-coloured ribbon trails for the ultimate wow factor.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Stuart Photography

Trail the night away!

Ok, Ok I admit it this is my favourite, probably because its the bouquet I chose for my big day! Delicate flowers are complimented with tons of textures and foliage. The bouquet was jam packed with ferns, berries, sweet peas, Caramel Antique roses and eucalyptus. If woodland imp is your look, this is the bouquet for you.

Elegant in white!

This elegant country garden wedding bouquet is filled with sweet peas, roses, ammi majus, berried eucalyptus, veronica and astrantia. I adore the neutral colour palette of this bouquet and the scent was just to die for! Delicate sweet peas are perfect for bridal bouquets, filling them with keep-on-breathing-in scent. Lets hear an mmm….

Spring Woodland!

Early spring brides don’t despair! There are tons of gorgeous blooms available to help create the garden look your heart desired. Use snowdrops, paperwhites, helleborus, guelder rose and blossom to create a delicate loose springtime bouquet filled with beautiful texture and soft romantic colours.

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Flower Crowns

What do you get when you leave three florists with a bucket of leftover flowers…. dress up time of course! It was flower crown central on Monday afternoon in the shop much to the surprise of our visiting customers – i think secretly they all wanted to join in!

With a few wayward stems left over from Mother’s Day we totally and unashamedly indulged our creative sides. It was such a pleasure to just go wild. Flower crowns are all over pinterest and instagram right now and it was the perfect excuse to do some in-house training with our lovely trainee Brittany, developing her own ideas and core floristry skills such as wiring and taping.

Perhaps daydreaming of warmer climes, I went for a somewhat tropical design. Vibrant apricot toned Tulips, a soft marshmallow pink blousey statement Rose and a helping of cerise Rose buds for good measure went into my asymmetric number, finished of course with neon green ribbon! All I needed to complete the look was a grass skirt and a pina colada!

Emma’s design had much more of a refined and vintage air. With textures of Sweet Williams, threaded Hyacinth pips and cloudy Gypsophila, not forgetting the beautiful open Anemones. I think her headdress was very elegant and wouldn’t have looked at all out of place on set in a 1920’s film.

And last but definitely not least – what a stunning piece from Brittany! And a first attempt to boot! She was inspired by the electric blue Delphiniums running through her crown. The Anastacia bloom is used like a living pompom with romantic swirly Lisianthus and Rose buds clustered above  – I think it looks great and she wears it so well!

Donning our floral masterpieces I think we were all pretty chuffed with the results and a mini photo shoot ensued. Well it would have been rude not to!

I wonder what next weeks leftover blooms will bring….

DIY inspiration, Flower trends, Pinterest inspiration, Some little thoughts, Wedding Flowers

These Are a Few of Our Favourite Pins – a Weekly Roundup

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Getting married? Flower crowns are my must have for 2014. Boho meets vintage meets garden meets etherial. Go large using peonies, roses and dahlias or create a dainty woodland vibe with nigella, gypsophilia and clematis buds.

Our super talented wedding team would love to create you your own bespoke floral crown for your big day, or if you fancy a little bit of DIY take a look at our tutorial here: floral crown tutorial

We’d love to hear what your planning for your hair flowers! Let us know your must have trends below

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Mint Green and Silver Wedding Inspiration

Clockwise from top left 1. Cake by Sheri’s Edible Designs photo by Birds of a Feather 2. Invitations by Elegant Wedding Invites 3. photo courtesy of Party Mosaic 4. Flapper headband from Etsy 5. Bridesmaids dress from Rock My Vintage 6. Wedding dress by Vera Wang 7. Buttonhole by Green Parlour

We have a little obsession with anything green and as a continuing trend for 2014, mint tones perfectly suit spring/summer weddings. If you want to update this look, combine shiny metallic silvers, burnt bronze tones and a myriad of emeralds, sage grees and deeper leafy tones for an elegant, up-to-date flapper inspired wedding day.

For me capturing the colour green is all about textures, tints and tones. Gather lots of different foliages, using handfuls of eucalyptus (try populus, nicholi, cinerea and baby blue) combine with dusty millar, flowing winter jasmine (or as a summer alternative clematis would work wonderfully) and hellebores for a striking, natural look.

If your after the glitz and glam, keep your flowers simple, again lots of foliage combined with soft domes of ivory ranunculus. This style would work perfectly next to a detailed flapper style dress or the gorgeous Vera Wang number featured above.

Image courtesy of After Yes Weddings

Weddings are all about YOUR detailing. Every little bit you add transforms the flowers, the venue … everything into YOUR day and not the normal wedding. Try adding detailing to your bouquet; I love the sequinned ribbons you get in most haberdashery stores, how wonderful do they look tied around a bouquet for a glitzy streamer look!

Book an appointment with our wedding co-ordinator for more top tips and floral inspiration for your big day

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These Are a Few of Our Favourite Pins – a Weekly Roundup

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Forget diets … January is all about THE CAKE! We’ve been getting our Bake Off grove on, but I have to admit that our efforts are not a patch on these beauties above.

Image by Evelyn Alas Photography via Style Me Pretty. Cake by Charm City Cakes

Style Me Pretty have done it again featuring my favourite wedding cake, possibly ever! Made by the super talented folks at Charm City Cakes (I’ve been browsing their site for at least 2 hours looking at all the deliciousness, its filled with tons of inspiration) and shot by Evelyn Alas Photography for a Peter Pan inspired photo shoot.

Get ready for your goldspiration wedding cake extravaganza …

Clockwise from top left: 1. Cake by: Tallant House, image by: Alante Photography 2. Cake by: Diannes Delights, image by Jessica May Photography 3. Cake and image by: Signesugar 4. Cake by: The Caketress, image by Vicky Starz Photography 5. Cake by Sweet on Cake 6. Cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Ladies (and gentlemen of course), gold is going to be BIG in 2014! We’d love to know your latest trend watch for 2014, drop us a note below xx


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Peach and Gold Wedding Inspiration

Images from top left 1. Rachelle Simoneau 2. Rachel Peters Photography 3&4. images by Heather Bliss Photography flowers by Calie Rose 5. Lisa Dolan Photography 6. Ouma via Etsy 7. Taylor Lord Photography

Trend alert! If your planning your wedding over the next few months you’d be mad not to consider peach and gold as your colour theme. It is going to be 2014’s biggest wedding trend, with glitzy cakes, lots of sequins and beautiful blown English grown roses.

For me gold and peach is a more grown up version of the vintage vibe thats been growing in popularity and shows no signs of stopping. Golds bring a touch of classic 1940’s Hollywood glamour to the occasion and peach has had a refresh too, forget 1980’s blancmange tones, were taking soft nudes, deeper oranges and cerise pink tones.

You don’t have to go all out and wear a gold sequinned wedding dress (although this is a look I’m totally thinking about for my wedding!) you can achieve the look subtly. Add some gold to your cake, or one of my favourite ways to achieve subtle colour is by tying your flowers with beautiful ribbons. This is expertly demonstrated in images 3 and 4 above by Calie Rose. Such a simple idea, and with gorgeous trailing gold ribbons your flowers have beautiful movement. In my experience men try to avoid the glitz and glam, but I love the buttonhole detailing in image 4, its subtle enough so you don’t have to worry about the Christmas cracker look.

Have you fallen for peach and gold as much as we have?

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These Are a Few of Our Favourite Pins – a Weekly Roundup

Wedding invitations have to be one of my favourite things to look at on Pinterest. I’m literally addicted to it, there are so many gorgeous ideas! So how do you go about choosing the right stationary for your big day? I always think the invite sets the tone for your guests, as well as all the important information(day, date, venue etc!), it gives them little clues to the vibe of your day.

We’re thinking long and hard about the scene that we want to set with our invites, relaxed garden setting with a few unexpected surprises … and … NOTHING FORMAL! I adore letterpress stationary and I’m big into lino printing at the moment (think posh potato stamps) and some sort of kraft paper is an absolute must.

Here are my current top 3 inspirational pictures

Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty Invitations by Yours is the Earth

So I’m pretty head over heels with this invitation bundle. Gorgeous kraft paper envelope with the collection of coloured cards making it easy for your guests to take in each bit of information. I didn’t think I was a fan of black paper, but in this context it works wonderfully.

Invitations by Lauren Owen Design

I think you’ll agree, this stunningly simple invitation packs some punches on the design front. The elongated design really caught my eye and I love the bold monochrome print and a cute monogram. Combine all of that with a custom designed by Lauren font for the couple and its a winner! How awesome!

Invitations by Artcadia Stationary Co.

Peach … blue … rounded corners. Need I say more!

Like I said there is heaps of inspiration out there so get looking, and pinning.

Follow us on Pinterest to see more stationary ideas and general craft/wedding loveliness!